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DomusPro: Redefining Estate Management

Domus Pro Redefines Estate Management By Combining Automation, Transparency, And User-Centric Design. Elevate Your Community Living Experience With A Platform That Not Only Meets But Exceeds Expectations.


We built DomusPro to address the complexities and inefficiencies we observed in managing homeowners associations and rental properties. The goal was to provide a solution that not only simplifies the management of estates and HOAs through automation but also enhances communication and transparency between managers and residents. By integrating tools for financial management, service requests, and visitor tracking into one platform, we aim to improve the quality of service delivery while reducing the administrative burdens often faced by property managers.

DomusPro offers a range of features and benefits designed to enhance property management:

  1. Automated Fee Collection: Simplifies the process of collecting HOA fees and rent, ensuring timely payments.
  2. Work Order Management: Streamlines maintenance requests and tracking, improving response times and service quality.
  3. Financial Management Tools: Offers robust accounting features for accurate financial tracking and reporting.
  4. Resident Portal: Provides residents with easy access to service requests, important documents, and communication tools.
  5. Visitor Management: Enhances security with visitor tracking and management capabilities.
  6.  Customizable Billing: Adapts billing processes to meet specific community or property needs.


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